Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Finally Here!

The ongoing Wandering Koala Serial has officially begun! 

Each weekday visit WanderingKoalaTales.blogspot.com to read the latest page and see the latest illustration!

Below is the first page of the story:

The sun has finished his day’s work and is heading home somewhere over the horizon. The owl will soon begin its hunt. But it won’t be the only one. Soon I will join it chasing a rodent of my own, only one much more clever who has evaded governments, local law enforcement officers, and even small armies.

But he won’t escape me, the great Thylacine.
I’ve tracked him across several borders to one of the largest republics in the southern hemisphere. Only a few years ago this nation made headlines for its explosive growth and potential to become a major player in global events. But like so much promise, the hype was greater than the reality, and the people are left singing about what could have been.
It’s a perfect location. The eyes of the world have turned away from here, and everyone thinks he’s on the other side of the world thanks to regular “candid photos” going viral on various social media sites. This man knows how to hide, at least from normal eyes.
Unfortunately for him, I’m not the usual anything. Hundreds have said good-bye to this world without even knowing who stamped their passport. Even the majority of my clients have no idea to whom their money went. But there are those who know, and they do their job to connect A to me, discreetly.

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